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Labor is the only blind date you’ll go on where you know you will meet the love of your life.


Welcome to “No Cake For Breakfast”. The creative outlet brought about by Melbourne based mother of one and self-confessed social media junkie … me, Tara Dixon! Inspiration and encouragement for this blog comes from my daughter Olive, and husband Brad.

As a wife, mother and small business owner I find my days are full of activity. But as a lover of all things girly, sparkly and of course anything to do with shopping, I thought what better way to connect with other parents and share great finds, inspiration and advice with each other that the means of social media and a blog.

I hope you enjoy being a part of the world that is No Cake For Breakfast. I thoroughly look forward to bringing you all along for the ride and by all means, pass on any suggestions for topics for discussion points that you’d like to see covered.

Enjoy, TD