Colour Me Happy – 2018 Colour Forecast

It feels as though every year we all get the little bit busier. Distractions are everywhere and life just doesn’t seem to slow down. Our homes can be our outlets, a place to slow down rest and refuel our desires.

Where we spend our R&R time can ultimately effect our outlook, and productivity and views.

With our social media feeds are full of home inspiration and impeccably styled home spaces. Now it’s easier than ever to have your very own slice of picture perfect abode. Experts and style gurus share their ideas, and how to’s every other minute online and resources are in abundance, so creating a home with colour balance is achievable.

I spent an evening with Metricon and Dulux to hear about the colour forecast for the year to come, and their suggestions on adding colour to your home without going to crazy.

Firstly, Dulux believe that we don’t create trends. We take from the things that inspire from around us, pick up signals, and take from cultural movements. 2018 has four predominate colour focuses. Kinship, Essential, Reflect and Escapade. I would say all of these colour groups embody earthy and rich tones that have both empowering and calming elements.

Here’s what you need to know about the future of colour, and a few style tips to incorporate these looks into your home.


Kinship: A rich, earthy palette to fill you with warmth and positivity.

Mood: A celebration of culture and contemporary elements.

Style Tip: It’s not all rust and terracotta. Use dark colours accents in furniture and decor along with your green undertones to offset the richness in the earthy reds. Mixing patterns is an easy way to great the look, providing you stick to hues in the same tonal range you should be fine. Again add your darker colours to tie it all together and you cant go wrong with a few indoor plants.

Essential: Calm and nurturing colours to help you slow down.

Mood: Less ‘look at me and more focus on ourselves. This is a space for people looking to unwind and come back to basics.

Style Tip: Natural, organic, recycled and simple. Simple doesn’t mean boring, texture is the ket element to styling a nordic inspired space. Soft browns and hues of grey. Linens, knits and textured cushions are a great way to style.

Escapade: A dream cocktail of colour to inspire discover and escape

Mood: It’s Sangria time! This palette screams tropical holiday, warm climates, dreamy sunsets and memories that will last a lifetime. Colour clashes that will make you look twice.

Style Tip: Tropicana lovers unite. Palms and tropical plants can be mixed into the space to add that authentic holiday feel. Think Palm Springs with 70’s and 80’s references, Lots of teals and pink. Soft and bold colours to create depth in the same palette with work a treat. This is the space for old and new. Paint up your market finds to compliment your of the moment purchases.

Colour is 100% your friend in this forecast.


Reflect: Juicy green and moody hues to blend you past and present.

Mood: Classical and opulent. No longer is this lux and moody look for the rich and the famous. Bringing the glamour of the 70’s to be infused with the style of the 90’s. Bring back the luxe of the past to be the modern of the now.

Style Tip: Marble, brass, gold accents as far as the eye can see. Think bar carts and scotch glasses, smoked glass coffee tables and regal pendant lighting to create timeless elegance. Velvet cushions or chairs, and tonal rugs to complement.



You dont have to build from scratch, or throw out everything you own to have your own slice of the Dulux pie. Colour can be scary, but by starting slow, adopting a colour theme you love and working towards it is the best way to go. Paint one wall or a partial wall to start. Incorporating colour is supposed to be fun, so do what you feel comfortable with and go from there.

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To find out more about the Dulux 2018 Colour Forecast click here.


All images supplied by Metricon Homes & Dulux.


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  • November 15, 2017
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