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Cars really aren’t my favourite thing, I know enough about them to A) Drive one, and B) Buy one. So I may not be the one to ask if you’re looking for performance stats, but I do know what I like and don’t like in one. So this review won’t tell you how many litres of petrol you get in comparison to its motor, and whether that’s a good deal, but what it will tell you, is things I think are great features, how well my husband drives it, and how much fun we had in it.

We set out on an #Escape (get it) for the day. It was the first time the kids were in the car, so, with the kids more excited about the Ruby Red colour than anything else, we headed to the Mornington Peninsula for the day. Singing and screaming, the Ford Escape, like many other cars, doesn’t offer a sound proof window to dull the sound of screaming children. It does though have digital radio, and what seems to be about 5 million radio stations, so we managed to silence them with the sweet sounds of Justin Beiber, Adele and the Foo Fighters – all classic hits.

Between singing and playing “eye spy something that begins with “RED” … the mini’s did a little grazing on the drop down trays. Similar to an aeroplane style tray on the back of the seat. Now who ever decided on adding these needs a pay rise. For a few reasons, 1) Handy, for all the reasons a tray table is, food, drink, colouring, a so on and 2) The novelty wears off so gone will be the days of opening and shutting, and slamming them closed in the car, and when on a plane. Brilliant!

Zipping through the winding roads past all of my favourite wineries, time was not permitting to enjoy a vino or two, as we had a date with the Eagle chair lift at Arthurs Seat. Parking is no longer a problem, with Active Park Assist & 360 degree sensors, not to mention the size of the reversing camera screen … it’s massive, and makes seeing all the little things much easier. NO parking excuses now!

So off we popped, children in tow, down to the bottom and then back up to the top of Arthurs Seat on the chair lift. We got back to the car, and what I like most about the Ford Escape is the Hands-Free boot access. The ‘swipe your foot under the rear of the car’ dance is one that takes a couple of tries to master but once you do it’s so easy. No more rummaging through your bag and having to put all the shopping down just to open the boot.

A bite to eat for lunch and back on the road home. The kids both slept (which they never do in the car.) The silence was just what we needed.

We were lucky enough to have possession of the Ford Escape Titanium for two weeks. I would say with confidence, if you’re in the market for a small to mid-sized SUV then this could be the car for you. The boot space is generous, and with two car seats in the rear, there was still ample space for a smallish person to sit between the seats. All the little extra’s is what sells me on cars. The SYNC 3 infotainment system with Voice Activation & Navigation is a big one. No more looking at your phone while driving, listen and respond to text messages via Apple Car Play. It’s all very clever.

Panoramic glass sunroof, leather interior, push button start, alloy wheels, electric handbrake … the list goes on.

Thanks for the lend Ford.


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