This year I have been pretty straight with people about buying the kids little toys that will lay around the house. We. Don’t. Want. Them!

I have put together a list of items they can use outside because we all know being outside wont kill them. We are making the most of the weather and heading out doors for Summer

Some of the items below we have already which I swear by, (for example the jumping castle), and others we are getting this year (like the Springfree trampoline. – because its safe, and a great activity for the kids to do.) We are saying  – “Goodbye Youtube, and Hello real world”

Check out some of these ideas I’ve found that may even keep the kids out of your hair for a little while.


Our number one Item this year is a Springfree Trampoline. I have always been a bit of a party pooper, saying we wont have one because they are dangerous, but I have come around. We popped into Springfree Trampoline showroom recently to test a few out. Not only did the kids love them, I just love the safety aspect of them.

You can add basketball rings and a tgoma to them, or just have them standard. Which ever way you get one, your kids will sleep well. All that bouncing I think will become a before bed ritual for us.

Outdoor healthy active play is so important to small and growing minds. I was barely inside when I was a kid, even in the freezing months of winter. A trampoline is something they will get year round play out of.


Buy Springfree Trampolines & add on value packs here


Jumping Castles.

We have one, and by far it is the best thing we have owned for our kids. We use it at parties, weekends, weekdays, whenever. The kids love it. We opted for a jumping castle with a water element. You don’t have to have water on all the time, which is great for the cooler months, or in summer when its sweltering attach the hose and the entire family is usually found on this guy!

Buy your jumping castles from here

Games – Kickin’ it old school:

The originals are sometimes the best, outdoor cricket, mini golf, giant jenga and more. Get the whole family involved in group games.


Buy Domino’s and golf here.



One of the ultimate gifts if you’re a kid. A Cubby. And this year be prepared to see your instagram feeds full of the K-Mart Cubby. It’s compact and bloody adorable. One not to be missed. There will be reno’s and make-overs galore.


Shop K-Mart Cubby here


Water sports & games:

Shop Water Tables here

Shop Water Pistols here


Creative Play & Gardening

We have to keep their little minds ticking, so with lots of fun things to do outside, sometimes it just nice to sit and play quietly. Build a unicorn or faiy garden, drawn on the pavement with chalk or  do some painting. (all outside of course!)

Shop Jumbo Chalk Sticks

Shop Unicron Garden

Shop Gardening set here or here


There are a million and one great outdoor toys, games annd imaginative play ideas for kids. Why not adopt a few to promote healthy outdoor play, and save yourself from picking up everything laying around inside.

I hope this will help tick a few items off the list!


Merry Christmas.


TD x

  • November 23, 2017
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