Olive’s 2nd Birthday

Kids birthday party’s eh’!

So for her birthday this year, I decided, seeing as though I’m the one who has to clean up the mess, I get to benefit from the theme. He-he a little cheeky but hey, why not?

Now because of this, I put “Frozen” parties and “Peppa Pig” on hold for a year or so and due to my obsession with anything pink and floral, we had a little garden party.

We have a new house with a decent sized backyard so I figured why not and it kinda doubled as a mini house warming.

Now that I had a theme, the first thing I did was search for some invitations. I knew what I wanted, just had to get someone to create them.

“Nestle and Porter” were my go to and man were they special. Gold foil font over a pink floral background. Their turn around time was ridiculously quick. I’m good at leaving that stuff to the last minute so it was a nice not to have the stress and the end result was exactly what I was after.

There were two main things I didn’t want to go without at Olive’s second birthday.

The first was Sweetbakes, of course, Alisha is phenomenal at what she does. Cake making is her thing and she nails it every time. Each time I use her I just give her a little Inspo, colours and and overall vision and we don’t chat again until she delivers it. Needless to say it’s spot on every time.

IMG_0215IMG_0299 IMG_0278 IMG_0272 IMG_0237 IMG_0219 IMG_0218

Along with Sweetbakes for food, at the last minute I found “Under the Cotton Tree” who make a huge range of different flavoured fairy floss including organic and even make labels to suit the packaging.

I popped them in all of the party bags for the kids just to ensure they went home on a massive high and still had something to top up with when it wore off.

The second being play furniture. Now that Olive is very active and full of beans we needed something to keep her and her little friends busy. Our small and intimate party grew to 50+ quickly with kids of all age and sizes so I needed something to keep them busy otherwise it was going to be mayhem. I came across Wiggle Worms Play furniture on Instagram quite some time ago. I couldn’t fault this company in any way. Their customer service was second to none. A complete pleasure to work with and would highly recommend using them to anyone.

From delivery to pick up our kids were up and down on their stuff. They were occupied all day and had an absolute blast. Kids from ages 1-12 were more than happy to play which meant us mummies and daddies had a chance for a wine or too!  The best thing was seeing Ollie having the entire set to herself before everyone arrived, I can imagine it would’ve been like heaven to her.

In addition to soft play furniture I set up a craft table on the lawn. They had masks to paint, glitter, colouring sets, pipe-cleaners and pom-poms to make fun pictures with. I wasn’t sure how it would go but I would say pretty well. Almost every child went home with some art they had made and had a great time doing so.

I would suggest if you’re me like me and hate mess, move it away from your actual house. Then no glitter (or minimal) will find its way onto your carpet!

As for decorations I didn’t do much apart from setting up a pretty cake table by using lots of fresh flowers in vases and foam discs covered in banana palms to sit cakes and treats on. I also enlisted the help from a girlfriend and the kids baby-sitter to blow up 80 or so balloons to make a balloon arch. It was so easy. Using the balloon clamps and a long length of ribbon, we threaded them on one by one and suspended it above the table.

I then draped flowers through the balloons to continue the garden theme.

Customprintz and I worked together to create a mini series of Perspex prints with flower based quotes to have on the table. Quotes included:

  • “Bloom where you are planted”
  • “Don’t you think daisies are the happiest flower”
  • “I’d rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck”

… and so on.

They looked really pretty and they doubled as the decorations.

DSC_0321 DSC_0322 DSC_0324

So that’s our party for the year, until next time!

See below for supplier details.

– Sweetbakes (@sweetbakes)
– Nestle and Porter (@nestleandporter)
– Under the Cotton Tree (@underthecottontree)
– Wiggle Worms Melbourne (@wigglewormsmelbourne)
– Custom Printz (@customprintz)

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November 9, 2015

Hi Tara

hope you and your beautiful family are doing well.
Just wanted to say a massive Thanks to you for the time you put into No Cake For Breakfast as it has kept me sane on so many levels and I absolutely love reading your blogs.

Thanks again xx

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