Our Wedding “Video”

My social media accounts have been full of weddings, engagements and anniversary’s for weeks now. Seeing everyone’s gorgeous wedding photos makes me want to look over mine. I am so so slack, I don’t have many photos around our house, in fact I only have three.

Brad and I were married in Feb 2013, when planning our big day we came across two of the most amazing photographers I had ever seen, a New Zealand couple called Bayly & Moore who travel the world creating stop-motion videos from the photos they take on the day (if that’s what you’re after of course).  It’s funny, usually the people organising the event are the ones who need to be happy with the photographers but for us, we were just hoping they would be happy with the wedding we had put together.  We’d seen what they’d done for others and we really hoped that our wedding would suit their style of imagery.

We were so excited when we found out they were available to do ours. So here’s a little look at what they put together for us. By far this is better than any one photo.

If you’re looking for something like this then give them a call but be sure to do it well before your wedding because they’re bound to be booked out.

Oh and BTW, I was pregnant when we were married and incredibly unwell the day of our wedding, so there’s a little resting bitch face, a lot of squeezing into my dress (as my boobies were huge) and a lot of Brad being super pale, but that’s just him everyday. He-he!



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November 29, 2015

You looked amazing! Love your dress.

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