An outdoor entertaining area speaks volumes to me. Our family are very much homebodies. We love each others company but what I think we love more is gardening.

I am someone who changes her mind a lot, I have a bit of a throw away mentality and my outdoor entertaining area doesn’t really escape that. If you have followed me for a little while you would have seen that the cushion and decor set up changes quite often. Currently we have a very classic tropical look happening. Black and white stripes, and monochrome florals teamed with Hollywood glam tropicana.

One thing I don’t seem to have a throw away situation with, infact its quite the opposite is plants. I am continually trying to add to our ever growing garden. Over the last couple of days I have added a stack of outdoor pots and plants to entertaining area. And the feedback over social media has been so beautiful, so I thought I would share what’s in my pots, and where to get it all from.



TIPS / TRICKS to add the perfect looking pots to your home.

  • The trick is to mix a range of similar but slightly different pots together with varied height. Using all except 1-2 in the same colours then add a contrast to break it up a little.
  • Drape hanging plants or creepers over the sides of the pots to reduce the amount of pot you see.
  • I find mixing in a grass like Scleranthus will add a nice covering to the pot.
  • Throw in a few succulents to busy the look up a bit. They can also add a little height as they get growing.
  • Plants such as the Pittosporum Tenufolium (Golf Ball) are great for shaping, It’s not something I would have perfectly rounded, but they are easy to maintain and had a fullness to them.
  • Choose evergreen plants, No-one likes a sad looking pot plant.
  • If you add in seasonal plant types, make sure you spread them throughout all the pots and not just one. That way one one look dead in the our of season months while the others all are flowering.

Happy potting. If you have any questions about anything I have forgotten to mention, please just ask.

And for those of you who have asked; Our home is almost entirely hedged. The maintenance is massive, but it looks incredible. We have a combination of Lilly-Pilly Little Gem’s, Pittosporum and the smaller -I can’t remember the name. SOZ. ( A LOT OF WORK keeping the looking straight and clean- but always green and lush!




Starting from Top Left

Pot 1 : Bunnings (Grey)

Plants: Bird of Paradise, Mixed succulents, ficus creeping fig, Scleranthus.

Pot 2: Bunnings (Black)

Plants: Succulent mix, Hanging plant (forgot name), Pittosporum Tenufolium (Golf Ball)

Pot 3: Bunnings (Grey Bowl)

Plants: Mixed Succulents, Scleranthus (grass looking)

Pot 4: Bunnings (Grey)

Plants: Blueberries, succulents

Pot 5: Bunnings Black Bowl

Plants: Mixed Succulents, Scleranthus (grass looking)


All Cushions are from Soft Interiors        **Custom bench cushions available. **


Happy potting

TD x

  • January 08, 2018
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