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We’re all flat out busy with our kids and most of us are looking for inspiration each and every time we have to prepare a meal for the little terrors.

I came across “The Toddler Ingredient” one day when I was trawling through Instagram and after seeing the skills this woman possesses I just knew that I had to get Marie to do a spot on NCFB to help us all out with meal time and meal preparation.

I trust everyone of you out there will love her passion for food as much as I do and like me, she’ll become an integral part of mealtime in your household.


My name is Marie.

I’m a mum, part-time school teacher and business owner who absolutely adores cooking healthy meals for my family.

I’ve studied the cognitive & physical development of children and understand that every child is different and every child is special.

At “The Toddler Ingredient” we understand that children can be picky eaters. It is important to offer wholesome and nutritious foods so that we as parents promote healthy eating habits.

Along with good food choice, the way we present food to our children can also be an important factor of a good eater.

Enjoy and remember to keep it simple.  x

Marie (The Toddler Ingredient)